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"Aaron's music Rocks and deserves to be heard"

(Scott Wesley Brown)

CCM Artist

Review Posted 25th Dec 2017 

Cross Rhythms

Reviewed by Ian Whitwood

This is a trans-Atlantic project, with Belfast-based worship leader and singer/songwriter Aaron and Brazil-based musician/producer Felipe Gonzalez combining to produce a quality 10-track album. The opening track, "Cry Out" (released as a single) has a steady, insistent rhythm which slows at the bridge, "Send your power (x3) on us," as Aaron cries to God to assist persecuted believers. "Heal This Land" brings 2 Chronicles 7:14 (a Scripture used as a church rallying call in recent years) to life as Aaron expands its message to increase its contemporary application. Musically there are references to other artists in both Aaron's singing (shades of Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and Dan Heseltine of Jars Of Clay on "He's Alive") and his guitar playing (Brian May-style riffs on the title track and Thin Lizzy and punk rock-style riffs on "Proclaiming Jesus"). But such eclecticism works well and his interpretations of classic gospel songs "What A Friend" and "Your Amazing Grace" are particular standouts. Having listened to this album on my car CD player for several weeks without tiring of its lively and engaging content I have nothing but praise that Messrs Graham and Gonzalez have delivered an album which in terms of quality stands up against record label releases made for far bigger budgets.

I love connecting with people I believe each one of us has a unique gift. I like everyone else have a story my testimony to share a typical concert will feature my music and getting the audience to interact with me during the song, but also the stories behind the songs are shared and you start to learn a little more about who I am and my ministry. So if you are a Pastor or leader and you wish to book me. Please click this box and there I will give you contact details such as Phone number. I look forward to come and minister with you.


Please note within a 30 mile radius I do ask for a fee to cover travel expenses. Over seas Please contact me for more details 

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